Women of Colour Index Reading Group on artist Georgina Grant as part of The Open Field Residency 


Women of Colour Index Reading Group on artist Georgina Grant as part of The Open Field Residency

Join us for the next Women of Colour Index Reading Group with Michelle Williams Gamaker, Samia Malik and Rehana Zaman at Open Field Studio.

*Closed event (only open to student and staff at CASS).
Event Date: Monday 26th February 2018
Time: 4pm – 6pm
Address: Open Field Studio, The CASS, 3rd Floor, Calcutta Annex, Old Castle St, London E1

The Women of Colour Index Reading Group was set up in October 2016 by artists, Samia Malik, Michelle Williams Gamaker and Rehana Zaman. The reading group meets on a monthly basis to discuss work within the Women of Colour Index (WOCI); a unique collection of slides and papers collated by artist Rita Keegan that chart the emergence of Women of Colour artists during the ‘critical decades’ of the 1980s and 1990s. Reading group sessions aim to improve the visibility of women of colour artists whilst using material in the archive to generate discussion, thought and practice around current social and political concerns. All people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, religions and race are welcome.

Workshop reading text:

‘The self portraits within this exhibition relate my feelings and emotions at different periods of my life. Although painted at college they exist separately from other work I did at that time. They represent a release of emotion, they were more personal than my work, with them I could relax and look at myself.

My mixed parentage is an underlying force in some of my paintings, but mainly these are about being a Black woman within an environment where all the ‘models’ – students, tutors and ‘Old Masters’ are white.

I feel that Black women artists are making statements from all different angles, personal and otherwise, ultimately reaching points of discovery to do with Black identity and women’s identity, but mainly they do not see these two identities as separate’. Georgina Grant, May 1988.
FB: WOCI Reading group
Twitter: @WOCIReading






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