WOCI Reading Group at South London Gallery with artist Farah Soobhan

0-1WOCI Reading Group is reconvening at South London Gallery with artist Farah Soobhan
Join us for Women of Colour Index Reading Group with artist Farah Soobhan, facilitated by Samia Malik.

Full Address: South London Gallery, 65–67 Peckham Road, London SE5 8UH

Event Date: Wednesday 13th November 2019
Time: 7.00pm – 8.30pm

Workshop reading text:

“Activism – my art work is a major form of activism for me, it’s a visual representation of my fight against the stagnation of the Muslim arts scene, against misogyny in the Muslim community and in the mainstream as well as against the aversion of discussing ‘taboo’ topics in our very own homes.” Farah Soobhan, 2019.

* Photocopies of the extended version of this text will be available during the session.

Farah Soobhan – Biography 2019
Farah Soobhan, founder of Farah Visual Arts is a teacher, contemporary mixed- media artist and curator who uses the recognisable and versatile style of pop art to explore her own identity as a Muslim woman living in the West. Her work highlights deeper messages relating to political and humanitarian crisis taking place in the Middle East as well as globally.

The bright and bold aesthetics of her paintings juxtaposes the serious concepts she wants to relay to her audience. Farah uses her art to express her thoughts and feelings on so many causes ranging from religion, terrorism, police brutality and the refugee crisis to misogyny, Islamophobia and mental health.

She is on a personal journey to evolve as a creative by continuously developing her artistic style and application techniques further in order to always connect and engage fully through her works. She is always aiming to visually challenge the norms of traditional Islamic art as well as seeking new themes to explore such as her own British, Mauritian and South African heritage, culture and personal experiences.

Farah exhibited her very first pieces in 2011 and 2012 with Artistic Jihad art exhibitions and her work was featured on the Evening Standard and Al Jazeera news in 2015 for being the chosen artist to front an anti terrorism campaign.  She has also exhibited her work all over England including in MICA gallery in Knightsbridge, Moniker Art fair in the Old Truman Brewery, Queen of Hoxton in Shoreditch and The Crypt Gallery in Kings Cross. Farah’s painting was also projected onto the historic General Post Office building in Dublin, Ireland and at the Women of the World Festival in Chester. She also hosted workshops for The Anti Art Fair and many other professional associations.

She has also filmed interviews for Islam channel, British Muslim TV, Inspire FM and the BBC. Her work has also been published in newspapers and magazines in Mauritius as well as numerous online publications like Hayati and Galdemzine among others. Farah is continuously helping others in their creative journeys and also started art tutorials on YouTube to make painting accessible to those who are starting out. She also hosts Pop Art workshops regularly for homeschoolers, schools and galleries for children as well as adults.

Farah truly believes that creatives need to unite to help each other grow and develop so that they can stay inspired, motivated and supported.

She is now a Co founder of DOT; Developing Our Traditions, a platform aiming to provide a space for creatives to network, exhibit their art and hold workshops, which will benefit each other as well as the wider community.

Follow her creative journey on her website, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube channel

WOCI Reading Group
WOCI (Women of Colour Index) Reading Group is currently organised and facilitated by co-founder, director: Samia Malik and co-assistant Alaa Kassim. WOCI is a collection of slides and papers collated by artist Rita Keegan Indexing Women of Colour artists during 1980’s and 1990’s. Reading Group sessions aim to improve the visibility of women of colour artists whilst using material in the archive to generate discussions, thoughts around practices of: anti racism, anti colonisation and political justice. All people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, religions and race are welcome.
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/426950007976926/

South London Gallery event link: https://www.southlondongallery.org/events/women-of-colour-index-reading-group-farah-soobhan/


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