Women of Colour Index (WOCI) Reading Group looking at Vinodini Ebdon at Iniva, Stuart Hall Library


Address: Iniva, Stuart Hall Library, 16 John Islip Street, London SW1P 4JU

Saturday 7thMarch, 1-3pm 

Get inspired for International Women’s Day by joining us for a Women of Colour Index (WOCI) Reading Group at the Stuart Hall Library, facilitated by Samia Malik and Alaa Kassim.

Ceramicist Vinodini Ebdon was born and raised in Delhi, India. She studied at the Delhi University and worked as a psychologist to the Officer Selection Board of the Indian Army. She took up pottery after attending classes at Bath Academy of Art and began making domestic ware using slip and graffito methods, initially inspired by natural forms. Later in her practice, she experimented with techniques, using modelling and tooling-applied clay to produce finer detail.

Workshop reading text:

“VINODINI EBDON: Pottery. Vinodini Ebdon was born and brought up in Delhi. Her formal education culminated in a degree from Delhi University, and after working in Hindhu and Muslim establishments she took a commission in the Indian Army, and was appointed psychologist to the Officer Selection Board. She married a British Officer colleague, and they and their three children came to live in England in 1953.” New Horizons Exhibition, Jan 1985.

WOCI Reading Group
WOCI (Women of Colour Index) Reading Group is currently organised and facilitated by co-founder, director: Samia Malik and co-assistant Alaa Kassim. WOCI is a collection of slides and papers collated by artist Rita Keegan Indexing Women of Colour artists during the 1980s and 1990s. Reading Group sessions aim to improve the visibility of women of colour artists whilst using material in the archive to generate discussions, thoughts around practices of: anti racism, anti colonisation and political justice. All people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, religions and race are welcome.

To book free online and link to Iniva press release: https://iniva.org/programme/events/women-of-colour-index-reading-group-vinodini-ebdon/


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